martes, 1 de enero de 2013

Why ducks float?

It seems a question hard to understand. Exactly the same that big boats like Titanic. Why tones of steel can float? Why a little piece of ice could destroy this big ship with Leonardo and Kate? Air is the answer.

There are many factors that prevent ducks to sink. From one hand their bones contain a big part of air. This causes ducks are less dense than water and can sustain on its surface. From the other hand their plumage is impregnated with wax. This wax is secreted by glands and makes plumes be water-repellent. In addition to this, air stays between plumes and this increases floatage of ducks.

I believe that they are one of the most attractive birds. A lot of colors, slow and beautiful flight… I don’t understand why a Nintendo brainiac wanted us to shoot them. 

Another day we will see how ducks swim: thanks to membranes of their feet. A real wonder of nature.

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