lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

Why am I hungry an hour after eating in a Chinese restaurant?

Today I will not explain why Chinese people don’t eat in Chinese restaurants in my country. This needs a special chapter. Today we will understand why we are hungry in the afternoon after have lunch in an oriental restaurant. 

There are basically two reasons: properties and quantity of food intake.

Chinese food contains a big amount of carbohydrates. So, is based on rice and pasta mixed with meat, vegetables and sauces. At the end of the meal you feel full, as usual, and glucose level increases in our blood. From this moment there is a “glycemic response”. Our body tries to make glucose level back to normal. Carbohydrates have a medium to high glycemic index, so there is a rapid response of the body, glucose level decreases again and we are hungry shortly.

The second reason is intake volume. Prawn crackers and things like that contain a lot of air. Meat dishes such as chicken with almonds and beef with onion have low quantity of food but many vegetables. Soups are almost all water. 

For the moment I’ve only seen a Chinese restaurant where Chinese people eat. It’s in Madrid, located in the underground parking of Plaza España. Delicious. And you can take away your meal.

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