viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

The legend of sugar sachets

I’m sure that you have listened something about this history: the famous suicide of the inventor of sugar sticks. Why? Because he realized that nobody knows how to use them. It may be or not an urban legend, but it’s sure that we do something wrong when we want to add sugar to our coffee or tea. 

Normal sugar sachets, I mean rectangular or square shaped, contain a small portion of air. Because of humidity, sometimes sugar crystals stick together. If you shake off the sachet, thanks to the air, crystals can move again and you can add it to your beverage with no problem.

Sugar sticks contain no air. Sugar is completely compressed. They are designed to be broken in half, in the same way you can break a pencil, for example. Thereby, we can save space when they are stored and you don’t find pieces of paper on the table. 

For me, the best option is the compressed brick of sugar. It’s more comfortable and you can waste your time seeing how it dissolves when it’s dipped into the coffee. 

The next time you take a coffee and you have the possibility to use a sugar stick, try it. Then tell me what to do in order not to spread the sugar over the table. I still have not succeeded.   

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